Free Roaming  Cloud SIM

Free Roaming Cloud SIM

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Service Covers 100+ Countries

Service Covers 100+ Countries

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  • No Roaming Fee
    Avoid the data roaming
    fee whereer you go
  • Reliable
    Worldwide Coverage
    Wireless signal available in over 100 countries
    stay connected wherever you are
  • 5200 mAh
    Battery Power
    Maximum 12 hours battery life to ensure a entire trip
    Roam+ can be both pocket WiFi and portable charger

What is roamplus Hotspot?

roamplus's pocket-sized global WiFi hotspot is the easiest way to get fast,
secure mobile internet in 100+ countries. Cloud SIM,
smart switch between mobile networks in over 100 countries.
Most easy-to-use Pocket WiFi
No sim card needed Smartest WiFi enables surfing online safely and stably
Roamplus wants to partner with you. Select the solution that best
fits you business to read more. Agents, Resellers and Retailers
The scale of the global roaming market is over $50 billion. Until now, there has not been a suitable way to earn income on
international data roaming. Roamplus is the best way to help you better provide international travelers while earning
commission in this new category. The benefits of becoming a Roamplus partner include:
Attract prime customers who can afford to travel globally
Provide a highly valuable solution to address your customers’ pain points
Earn plentiful commissions in this new category
Roamplus is seeking a handful of top-tier agents, distributors and retailers who are interested in helping global travelers stay
connected. Contact Roamplus now to discuss our partner programs.